DSC_5187We love having your artwork as a part of every morning and night.  -The Curtis Family, Collectors

Being from the Berkshires and living close to the Norman Rockwell Museum I’ve always thought that art should be very, very realistic. I’ve never had an attraction for the abstract but Robyn’s paintings have such depth, movement and layers, and colors to them that I feel I could look at them endlessly. Robyn is gifted. –Toni Massery, Art Enthusiast

Robyn is good at providing whimsical, fun, representational and inspirational art that makes people want to have it in their home.  -Mark Kirshbaum, Collector

This art is awesome!  I have commissioned Robyn to to do several pieces for our restaurant in New Castle, Colorado.  Her style and grace as an artist is irreplaceable.  It’s whimsical, full of feeling, passion, color, spice, and life!  –Molly Mogavero, Collector

Robyn’s art is the outpouring of all the emotional and spiritual work she does – and it shows!  It is full of spirit and depth and life.  It takes the viewer on a journey and makes us think, wonder, and feel. –Cara Harjes, Collector

Her view of animals is unique and a special gift. -Collector

She is wonderful at capturing and transferring energy and emotion to the canvas.  Nothing is “static” in her art; always telling a story or sending a message.  And that story or message can be different for every viewer!  Robyn is much more than good at this!  She is blessed with the gift of a beautiful talent and the motivation to maximize that talent and then share it with the world.  The best thing she does is combine all of the above and then express it with brilliant color and texture.   -Terry Pederson, Collector

Whether it’s abstract, an animal, or a coffee mug -there’s a depth and energy to Robyn’s work.  Looking at those coffee mugs–they are deeper than just coffee mugs. There is a fullness about them. And her use of color and texture–it’s genius! –Amy Yetman, Collector

Robyn is an excellent artist with exceptional taste in color and subject matter.  Her use of color and shapes is what draws me in to her works of art.  –Jessica Wilson, Collector

Commission Experience

Robyn is wonderful to work with.  She embraces your vision in her art by understanding, listening, and communicating.  She asks the right questions. She is thorough and wants the piece to be everything you had dreamed and hoped for.  She begins each process by embracing you as a person.  Each piece is a representation of a feeling, of an experience, of YOU!  We have never been disappointed.  Every piece she has designed for us feels alive!  I swear her pieces talk to me on a daily basis and remind me to always believe in my power and talent.  They have immediately become part of the family and the connection I have with them is so very powerful!   –Molly Mogavero, Collector.  Works on display at EAT Bistro and Drinks, New Castle, Colorado

Workshop Experience
Robyn’s teaching style is as amazing as her art. Equal parts peaceful, joyful and playful–she takes the time to be helpful and then gives you “space” to create. Her direction and energy are inspirational. Take any class you can. You won’t be disappointed. -Kim Fornwalt, Participant and Collector
Wow! This workshop captured my attention!  Robyn walked us through the steps she takes for collage making with ease and grace…  She showed us how to transform mess-ups too!  I recommend trying out one of her workshops and her studio is a cozy highlight.  –Raven DeVault, Participant